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MASTER IN Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (MBB)

  Responsible professor Other professor Topic Description References Period Available positions Last modified
Gregis Veronica Martin Kater Plant Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology

Reproductive meristem development in Arabidopsis thaliana and rice.

The aim of the project is to characterize the function of new genes involved  ...

Harrop et al. (2016) Plant J. 86(1):75-88. Mantegazza et al. (2014). Plant J. 79, 861-877. Gregis et al. (2013). Genome Biol. 14, R56

da concordare col docente 2 07/03/2019
Gregis Veronica Martin Kater Plant Molecular Genetics

Studying the recruitment of master regulatory transcription factor complexes to the DNA.

Functional characterization of master regulatory transcripti ...

Gregis et al. (2013) Genome Biol. 14(6):R56. doi: 10.1186/gb-2013-14-6-r56. Simonini et al. (2012). Plant Cell 24, 4163-4172

da concordare col docente 1 07/03/2019
Briani Federica molecular microbiology

-RNA-mediated regulation in Gram negative bacteria

-identification of new targets for antibacterial drugs

september-december 2019 1-2 26/02/2019
Marini Federica Achille Pellicioli Molecular basis of genome instability

FANCP, factor involved in the blood disorder and tumor predisposition syndrome Fanconi anemia and in cancer development: study of its role in the main ...

Dibitetto D., La Monica M., Ferrari M., Marini F., Pellicioli A. “Formation and nucleolytic processing of Cas9-induced DNA breaks in human cells quant ...

Anytime in 2019 1 06/03/2019
Morelli Carlo Biocatalysis

Enzymatic synthesis of naturally occurring flavor enhancers.

negotiable, starting from June 2019 1 05/03/2019
Morelli Carlo Bioorganic chemistry/biocatalysis

Studies on bacterial gamma-glutamyl transferases: design and characterization of mutants with modified catalytic activity.

negotiable, starting from June 2019 1 - 2 05/03/2019
Morelli Carlo Bioorganic chemistry

Bacterial enzymes involved in degradation of natural polymers.

negotiable, starting from September 2019 1 05/03/2019
Colombo Lucia Plant Reproduction

Network controlling fertilization process in plants

Inizio da concordare 1 28/02/2019
Colombo Lucia Developmental Biology

Genetic and Epigenetic control of cell differentiation in plants

Inizio da concordare 1 28/02/2019
Colombo Lucia Evoluzione dei meccanismi di sviluppo

 Ginko Biloba un esempio per studiare l'evoluzione dello sviluppo del seme (in collaborazione con Orto Botanico di Padova e Orto Botanico di Brera)

da concordare 2 28/02/2019
Fornara Fabio Reproductive development of rice

The inflorescence of rice starts as a group of undifferentiated cells that reside at the shoot apical meristem and differentiate to form branches that ...


da concordare con il docente 1 04/03/2019
Fornara Fabio Molecular control of flowering in rice

You will study the major gene responsible for measuring the night/day duration in rice. The gene is required to measure seasonal time and the onset of ...


da concordare con il docente 1 04/03/2019
Saponaro Andrea Cosimo Moroni Anna Expression and purification of eukaryotic membrane proteins for structure determination with single particle cryo Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM)

Membrane proteins account for about the 25% of the total amount of eukaryotic proteins, and are often targets for drug design. Indeed, membrane protei ...

to be set (from September/October 2019) 1 26/02/2019
Lenardi Cristina Carsten Schulte (esperto della materia, membro commissione esame Bioimaging) Study of the impact of the glycocalyx and mechanotransduction on cell differentiation and migration by nanotechnologically fabricated biomaterials

Mechanotransduction, the conversion of microenvironmental biophysical signals (such as e.g. the nanotopography) into appropriate cellular responses, i ...


[1]   C. Schulte et al., “Conversion of nanoscale topographical information of cluster-assembled zirconia surfaces into mechanotransductive events  ...

01/04/2019-31/03/2020 2 02/03/2019
Camilloni Carlo Protein dynamics and molecular recognition

Computational methods allow visualising and quantifying the microscopic behavior of biomolecules. Thesis in computational structural biology includes  ...


From October 2019 2 27/02/2019
Lenardi Cristina Tommaso Santaniello Development of hybrid bio-actuators

Muscle cells can be used as biological motors. Nowadays, fabrication of such bio-hybrid actuators is mainly focused on two-dimensional systems, thus ...

L. Vannozzi et al., “3D porous polyurethanes featured by different mechanical properties: Characterization and interaction with skeletal muscle cells, ...

01/04/2019- 31/03/2020 1 02/03/2019
Martino Bolognesi Eloise Mastrangelo Structure-based design of inhibitors in cancer therapy

The genes for some IAPs (proteins of the inhibitor-of-apoptosis family) are known to be overexpressed in certain tumours. Indeed, IAPblocking  ...

NF023 binding to XIAP-BIR1: searching drugs for regulation of the NF-κB pathway.

Cossu F, Milani M, Grassi S, Malvezzi F, Corti A, Bolognesi M, Mas ...

From October 2019 1 27/02/2019
Beltrame Monica Sox transcription factors in vascular and lymphatic development

We are studying the functional roles of members of the SOX (Sry-related HMG-box) transcription factors in zebrafish, a model organism for vertebrate d ...

Cermenati et al, 2008, Blood, PMID: 18094332; Cermenati et al, 2013, Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol., PMID: 23520166; Chiang et al, 2017, Development,  ...

to be discussed 1 07/03/2019
Diletta Dolfini Roberto Mantovani Bioinformatic analysis of gene expression data Settembre/Ottobre 2019 1 07/03/2019
Bombarely Aureliano Bioinformatics/Genomics

Optimization of the Assembly of Highly Heterozygous Plant Genomes using Long Reads.

Genome assembly of highly heterozygous genomes is still am import ...

Class about Plant Genome Assembly: https://www.slideshare.net/aubombarely/genome-assembly-2018

Negotiable 1 11/01/2019
Conti Lucio Tonelli Chiara Signalling mechanisms that enable plants to endure drought : connecting light signalling with hormonal responses.

A focus of our research is to understand how variations of flowering time enable survival of the model plant Arabidopsis under drought conditions. Her ...

  • In vitro reconstitution of an abscisic acid signalling pathway(2009) Nature volume 462, page 660
  • Time-resolved interaction proteomics of the GIGANT ...
Sept 2019 2 11/03/2019
Ezquer Garin Juan Ignacio Lucia Colombo Deciphering networks controlling seed development

Seeds are one of the most important food sources, providing humans and animals with essential nutrients. Seed formation is a critical stage in the lif ...


  • Herrera-Ubaldo, H., Lozano-Sotomayor, P., Ezquer, I., Di Marzo, M., Montes, R.A.C., Goḿez-Felipe, A., Pablo-Villa, J., Diaz-Ramirez, D. ...
01/09/2019-31/06/2020 1 07/03/2019
Mazzanti Michele Physiological mechanisms of tumorigenesis

Glioblastoma and colon cancer are two of the most aggressive tumors with a poor prognosis. Our laboratory is devoted to uncover the cellular and molec ...

  • Gritti M., Würth, Angelini M., Barbieri F., Peretti M., Pizzi E. Pattarozzi A., Carra E., Sirito R., Daga A., Curmi P.M.G., Mazzanti M. and Florio T ...
settembre 2019 2 26/02/2019
Mazzanti Michele Biophysics of membrane permeability

Biophysical properties of ionic membrane permeability will be investigated in different conditions either in healthy as well as in pathological cells  ...

  • Milton R.H., Abeti R., Averaimo S., DeBiasi S., Vitellaro L., Jiang L., Curmi P.M.G.,Breit S.N., Duchen M.R. and Mazzanti M. 2008. CLIC1 Function Is ...
settembre 2019 1 26/02/2019
Ricagno Stefano Biochimica - Biologia Strutturale

Biophysical and structural characterization of proteins with a tendency to amyloid aggregation linked to human pathologies.


The research focuses o ...

personal website: 


October 2019 1-2 26/02/2019
Zambelli Federico Cloud technology for the deployment of bioinformatic services

Laniakea is a software platform, based on the INDIGO-DataCloud technology, for the provision of on-demand Galaxy instances over e-infrastructures. The ...

Laniakea: an open solution to provide Galaxy "on-demand" instances over heterogeneous cloud infrastructures. Marco Antonio Tangaro, Giacinto Donvito,  ...

Oct 2019 1 26/02/2019
Gourlay Louise Jane Martino Bolognesi Structural characterisation of protein antigens from Schistosoma spp. and Trypanosoma cruzi for novel immunodiagnostic development

The aim of the project READy  is to form a regional, scientific network for the rapid response to bio-emergencies. The project focuses on the developm ...


data da concordare/date to be agreed 1 27/02/2019
Nardini Marco Structural Biology on transcription factors or on D-Asp oxidase

Two different projects are available for one position.

1) Structural studies on transcription factors

Nuclear Factor I X (NFIX) is a transcription f ...


Rossi, G., et al. (2017). Silencing Nfix rescues muscular dystrophy by delaying muscle regeneration. Nature Communications. https://doi.org/10.1 ...

from October 2019 1 27/02/2019
Fantin Alessandro Saverio Minucci bioinformatics, vascular development

Single cell RNA-seq to unveil the lineage trajectory from erythromyeloid progenitors (EMPs) to the endothelial cells that line blood vessels

Plein, Fantin et al., Nature 2018.

from Spring 2019 1 27/02/2019
Fantin Alessandro Michele Mazzanti Cell biology, vascular biology, microfluidics

Elucidate the role of macrophage-derived IGF1 during blood vessel anastomosis

Fantin et al., Blood 2010

from October 2019 1 27/02/2019
Pesaresi Paolo Identificazione di nuove molecole a basso impatto ambientale come alternativa ai pesticidi tradizionali

Il progetto ha l'obbiettivo di identificare aptameri peptidici lineari o ciclici che inibiscono enzimi vitali, esposti in superficie e coinvolti nella ...


Da concordare 2 28/02/2019
Pesaresi Paolo Miglioramento genetico dell'orzo per la produzione di biocarburanti

Il progetto ha l’obbiettivo di identificare geni, alleli e linee necessarie per aumentare la biomassa delle piante d'orzo, senza alcuna penalità sulla ...


Da concordare 1 28/02/2019
Pesaresi Paolo Dettagli molecolari alla base della biogenesi del cloroplasto e della risposta agli stress

Lo studente indagherà i dettagli molecolari alla base della “unfolded protein response (UPR)” nei cloroplasti e mitocondri di Arabidopsis thaliana, co ...


Da concordare 1 28/02/2019
Pellicioli Achille federica.marini@unimi.it Exploiting the CRISPR-Cas9 technology to study the double strand DNA break repair and genome stability

The ability of cells to detect and properly repair double stranded DNA breaks (DSBs) is essential for maintaining genome stability and preventing canc ...

anytime in 2019 1 01/03/2019
Messina Graziella Development of different approaches to cure Muscular Dystrophies by inhibiting the transcrption factor Nfix: drug discovery and drug repositioning

Messina et al., Cell 2010

Rossi et al., Cell Reports 2016

Rossi et al., Nature Communications 2017

Taglietti et al., Development 2018

ottobre 2019/marzo2020 da concordare con il docente 2/3 01/03/2019
Cassano Marco Graziella Messina Microbiota, epigenetics and cancer

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) will emerge as the most prevalent liver condition and the leading cause of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in ...

Ottobre 2019/Marzo 2020 da concordare 1 01/03/2019
Milani Mario Matteo de Rosa, Toni Giorgino dalla struttura delle proteine a nuovi farmaci contro malattie genetiche rare

Molte malattie genetiche sono dovute a sostituzioni amminoacidiche nella proteina precursore. Queste mutazioni possono alterare attività, struttura e/ ...


contattare docente 1 01/03/2019
Bombarely Aureliano Bioinformatics/Genomics

Evolution of Chloroplast and Nuclear Genomes.

Plant chloroplasts come from an ancestral endosymbiosis of a cyanobacteria by the Last Eukaryotic Commo ...

Class about the origin of the plastids: https://www.slideshare.net/aubombarely/plastidevolution

Article about NUPTs and NUMTs: Yoshida et al. 2014 (h ...

Negotiable 1 01/03/2019
Costa Alex Nutrient sensing in plants. An in vivo imaging approach to study the effects of nutrient status on mitochondrial physiology

The project will focus on the study of mitochondrial physiology in Arabidopsis seedlings root cells subjected to nutrient stress (e.g. iron, sulphate  ...

Gratz R, Manishankar P, Ivanov R, Köster P, Mohr I, Trofimov K, Steinhorst L, Meiser J, Mai HJ, Drerup M, Arendt S, Holtkamp M, Karst U, Kudla J, Baue ...

Aprile 2019-Febbraio 2020 1 01/03/2019
Costa Alex Development of new genetically encoded calcium biosensors for the in vivo study of organellar calcium dynamics in plant cells

Calcium (Ca2+) is among the most important intracellular messengers in living organisms. Understanding of the players and dynamics of Ca2+ signalling  ...

Behera S, Zhaolong X, Luoni L, Bonza MC, Doccula FG, De Michelis MI, Morris RJ, Schwarzländer M, Costa A. Cellular Ca2+ Signals Generate Defined pH Si ...

Aprile 2019-Febbraio 2020 1 01/03/2019
Lenardi Cristina Simona Argentiere Functionalized microparticles embedded in hydrogel matrix for biological application

Microparticles embedded in a polymeric carries offers the possibility of tuning the mechanical properties of the matrix together with differential deg ...

C. Cella, F. Martello, S. Ghisletti, C. Lenardi, P. Milani, S. Argentiere “Amine-modified Poly(vinyl alcohol) as a novel surfactant to modulate size a ...

01-04-2019 - 31-03-2020 1 08/03/2019
Lenardi Cristina Tommaso Santaniello Polymeric microfluidic devices for dynamic cell culture on-chip

Lab-On-a-Chip systems (LOC) are of strategic importance for probing cell biology at different levels and to get insights on the complexity of biosyste ...

[1] J. El-Ali et al., Cells on chip, Nature, 2006, 42, 403–411

[2] N. A. Peppas et al., Hydrogels in Biology and Medicine: From Molecular Principles  ...

01-04-2019 - 31-03-2020 1 02/03/2019
Epis Sara Matteo Montagna Coevolution between microbiota and the insect host: a study case on phytophagous beetles

Project aims:
 (i) to characterize the relationship between the taxonomy of insect hosts (orders, families, genera, species) and  the composition of   ...

Settembre 2019 1 07/03/2019
Epis Sara Matteo Montagna Evaluation of the DNA barcoding efficiency across the insect orders

Project aims:
(i) evaluate the molecular identification efficiency through DNA barcoding for the insect orders;
(ii) estimate the optimal thresholds, i ...

Maggio 2019 1 07/03/2019
Epis Sara Paolo Gabrieli Caratterizzazione degli allergeni della saliva della zanzara tigre Aedes albopictus. Settembre 2019 1 05/03/2019
Epis Sara Paolo Gabrieli La riproduzione nella zanzara tigre Aedes albopictus come possibile target per strategie di controllo. Settembre 2019 1 05/03/2019
Epis Sara Novel tool for the control of leishmaniasis: a chimeric bacterium expressing a protein from Wolbachia Settembre 2019 1 05/03/2019
Gandellini Paolo Molecular Pathology

Identification and functional dissection of non-coding RNAs (microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs) in human cancer

Profumo et al. LEADeR role of miR-205 host gene as long noncoding RNA in prostate basal cell differentiation. Nat Commun. 2019; 10:307. PMID: 30659180 ...

September-October 2019 1 06/03/2019
Mantovani Roberto Biological consequences of genome editing of the NF-YA transcription factor in cancer cells..

NF-Y is a pioneer transcription Factor composed of three subunits. It activates genes involeved in growth, cell-cycle regulation and metabolism. The N ...

- Nardini M.,  Gnesutta N., Donati G., Gatta R, Forni C., Fossati A., Vonrhein C., Moras D., Romier C., Bolognesi M., Mantovani R. Cell, 152, 132-143  ...

Settembre 2019 1 07/03/2019
Conti Lucio Fabio Fornara Deciphering the flowering mechanism of parasite plants and its relation to their host

Field dodder (Cuscuta campestris) and Stirga are two well-known parasitic plants which rely on their host to procure some or all of their nutrients. T ...

Footprints of parasitism in the genome of the parasitic flowering plant Cuscuta campestris 

Nature Com. 9, Article number: 2515 (2018)

Large-scale ...

Ottobre 2019 1 11/03/2019
Biffo Stefano Nicola Manfrini Molecular biology/Cell biology/ Cancer cell biology

Multiple myeloma (MM) is an incurable plasma cell malignancy presenting a peculiar mutational landscape characterized by the presence of tumor suppres ...

The lab work will be done in the INGM building



1              Chapman, M. A. et al. ...

Starting Late Summer 2019 1 11/03/2019
Aliverti Alessandro Molecular bases of neurodegenerative mitochondriopathies

State of the art

Missense mutations of the Apoptosis-Inducing Factor (AIFM1) gene, encoding the mitochondrial intermembrane FAD-containing protein Ap ...

To be updated

da definire 2 12/03/2019
Bonza Maria Cristina Alex Costa Investigation of the mechanisms underlying long-distance Ca2+ signalling in plant

Identification of specific protein domains that mediate interaction between the Ca2+-ATPase ECA1 and its brand new regulator MIZ1.

giu 2019 1 13/03/2019
Bonza Maria Cristina Stefano Ricagno Investigation of the mechanisms underlying long-distance Ca2+ signalling in plants

Determination by crystallography of the structure of MIZ1, a brand new regulator of the Ca2+-ATPase ECA1 involved in hydrotropic response

giu 2019 1 13/03/2019
Bertoni Giovanni Molecular Microbiology

Molecular mechanisms of pathogen-host interaction: role of small RNAs in the regulation of virulence
in the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aerugino ...

Ferrara et al. (2012) PLoS ONE 7(5):e36553

Ferrara et al. (2015) Environ Microbiol 17:199

Ferrara et al., (2017) PLoS ONE 12: e0180386.

Carloni e ...

September-December 2019 1 14/03/2019
Chiara Matteo Genome-wide scan of selection in Cancer

Identifying molecular cancer drivers genes is critical for precision oncology.  Large scale sequencing of cancer genomes has contributed significantly ...



https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6323 ...

October-December 2019 1 15/03/2019
Chiara Matteo Federico Zambelli Study of patterns of allele specific expression in unrelated human individuals

Large scale studies aiming at the identification of traits that can modulate the expression of one or more genes (expression quantitative trait loci o ...


https://www.ebi.ac.uk/training/online/course/embo-practical-course-analysis-high-throughput-seq/allele- ...

October-December 2019 1 15/03/2019
Barbuti Andrea Francesco cellule pluripotenti umane e murine come modello per studiare i meccanismi molecolari alla base di patologie aritmiche ereditarie

Le patologie aritmiche rappresentano a tutt'oggi una delle principali cause di morte. L'approccio farmacologico è spesso rivolto al controllo di alcun ...

Meraviglia Vet al. Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (EURACi001-A,
EURACi002-A, EURACi003-A) from peripheral blood mononuclear cells o ...

settembre 2019 3-4 15/03/2019
Baruscotti Mirko Pharmacology and genetic approaches to identify the molecular pathophysiology of cardiac arrhythmias. October 2019-January 2020 1 15/03/2019
Kater Martin Veronica Gregis Plant Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology

Regulatory mechanisms controlling inflorescence development in Arabidopsis and rice. The project is focused on the analysis of transcription factors c ...

Harrop, T.W.R. , Ud Din, I., Gregis, V., Osnato, M., Jouannic, S., Adam, H. and Kater, M.M.(2016). Gene expression profiling of reproductive meristem  ...

on agreement with tutor 2 15/03/2019
Bandi Claudio Mario Michele Castelli Bioinformatic and evolutionary analysis of genomes of bacterial symbionts of eukaryotes

The aim of this project is to obtain genomes of novel lineages of bacterial symbionts, and to perform comparative genomic analysis to elucidate their  ...

Da concordare con il docente 1 18/03/2019
Masiero Simona Nuove soluzioni per un'agricoltura sostenibile

Il tesista verrà coinvolto in un progetto finalizzato all'isolamento di  peptidici lineari o ciclici capaci di legarsi ad enzimi per la formazione del ...

da concordare 2 18/03/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Federico Lazzaro Identification and characterization of new factors responsible for the maintenance of genome integrity

Genetic screens identified new mutants that exhibit increased genomic instability.

Through genetic, molecular biology and biochemical approaches, we  ...

to be defined 1 18/03/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Federico Lazzaro DNA damage response in eukaryotic cells

We will characterize the in vivo activity of a variety of factors implicated in the correct response of eukaryotic cells to genomic insults and their  ...

to be defined 1 18/03/2019
Vanoni Maria Antonietta Structure-function relations of human MICAL1, the highly regulated flavoenzyme participating in actin cytoskeleton dynamics in health and disease.

The student will take part to studies on the elucidation of the structure-function relations of human MICAL1, a highly regulated multidomain enzyme th ...

Dazzo E, Rehberg K, Michelucci R, Passarelli D, Boniver C, Vianello Dri V, Striano P, Striano S, Pasterkamp RJ, Nobile C. 2018. Mutations in MICAL-1ca ...

to be determined/da concordare 2 18/03/2019
Moroni Anna Andrea Saponaro The molecular mechanism of gating in cyclic nucleotide gated (CNG) channels

Cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNG) channels are nonselective cation channels first identified in retinal photoreceptors and olfactory sensory neurons where ...

Saponaro A, Cantini F, Porro A, Bucchi A, DiFrancesco D, Maione V, Donadoni C, Introini B, Mesirca P, Mangoni ME, Thiel G, Banci L, Santoro B, Mor ...

from September 2019 1 19/03/2019
Brilli Matteo Claudio Bandi Genomica comparativa di patogeni nosocomiali

I nostri progetti attuali riguardano lo studio di diverse specie di patogeni nosocomiali e la loro evoluzione in ambito clinico e/o ambientale. Ci foc ...

a partire da Febbraio/Marzo 2020 2-3 19/03/2019
Moroni Anna Andrea Saponaro Towards the engineering of a magneto sensitive potassium channel

Description: The aim of the thesis will be the creation of a magnetic field activated potassium channel, a powerful magnetogenetic tool for studying a ...

from September 2019 1 19/03/2019
Moroni Anna Andrea Saponaro High throughput screening for identification of novel ion channel selective nanobodies

Description: the goal of the thesis will be to identify nanobodies, miniature version of antibodies, with high selectivity to specific ion channels, u ...

from April 2019 1 19/03/2019
Moroni Anna Andrea Saponaro Study of intracellular trafficking of ion channels by using fluorescence microscopy techniques

The goal is to prepare fluorescent tagged HCN1 channels and to use confocal microscopy to study  trafficking to the plasmamembrane of mutant channels  ...

Marini et al, HCN1 mutation spectrum: from neonatal epileptic encephalopathy to benign generalized epilepsy and beyond Brain. 2018 Nov 1;141(11):3160- ...

from April 2019 1 19/03/2019
Moroni Anna Andrea Saponaro Electrophysiological study of the HCN channels regulation by synthetic photoactive proteins

We are engineering several protein tools for the control of HCN channel activity in vitro and in vivo. During the thesis, the student will  produce an ...

Alberio L, Locarno A, Saponaro A, Romano E, Bercier V, Albadri S, Simeoni F, Moleri S, Pelucchi S, Porro A, Marcello E, Barsotti N, Kukovetz K, Boende ...

from September 2019 1 19/03/2019
Moroni Anna Andrea Saponaro Studying protein protein interactions with photocrosslinking non canonical amino acids

Unnatural amino acids are non-proteinogenic amino acids that either occur naturally or are chemically synthesized. Used as molecular probes, they can  ...

from April 2019 1 19/03/2019
Vaccari Thomas Drosophila avatars of congenital and acquired diseases

tesi 1:  Developmental and cross-species analyses of human OST (OligoSaccharyl Transferase) subunits in Drosophila melanogaster.

tesi 2: Toolkit gene ...


ottobre 2019-dicembre 2020 fino a 3 20/03/2019
Caretti Giuseppina Epigenetics of skeletal muscle, during aging

We are studying epigenetic changes occurring in skeletal muscle during aging. Our interest focuses on the epigenetic reader BRD4, which binds acetylat ...

Proserpio et al., Genes and Development 2008

Segatto et al., Nature Communications 2017

To be defined 1 20/03/2019
Guerrini Luisa Francesca p63 regulation by Thalidomide

Around 60 years ago, thalidomide was widely prescribed for the treatment of morning sickness in pregnancy and caused multiple birth defects such as li ...

Identification of p63 as Critical Neosubstrate of CRL4CRBN Associated with Thalidomide Teratogenicity

Tomoko Asatsuma-Okumura1*, Hideki Ando1*, Mar ...

from june 2019 1 21/03/2019
Miozzo Monica Rosa Sequenziamento di esomi in NGS

Presso la Fondazione Policlinico è disponibile una piattaforma genomica coordinata dal docente referente dove eseguiamo analisi esomiche in pazienti c ...

Paganini L, Hadi LA, Chetta M, Rovina D, Fontana L, Colapietro P, Bonaparte E,
Pezzani L, Marchisio P, Tabano SM, Costanza J, Sirchia SM, Riboni L, Mil ...

da ottobre 2019 1 01/04/2019
Cattaneo Elena Chiara Zuccato, Marta Valenza Cellule staminali e malattie neurodegenerative

Identificazione di meccanismi molecolari alla base della malattia di Huntington e validazione in modelli animali di malattia 

A partire da Dicembre 2019 2 22/03/2019
Cattaneo Elena Cellule staminali e malattie neurodegenerative

Studio delle cellule staminali embrionali umane e delle cellule staminali pluripotenti indotte da pazienti Huntington

A partire da Dicembre 2019 2 22/03/2019
Cattaneo Elena Chiara Zuccato Cellule staminali e malattie neurodegenerative

Studio della funzione/struttura dell’HTT sana

A partire da Dicembre 2019 1 22/03/2019
Miranda Mendes Marta Adelina Sexual Plant reproduction - Seed formation

By 2050, it is estimated that the human population will reach 9 billion. To feed this growing population, it

will be necessary to at least double agr ...

to be agreed 1 11/04/2019
Miranda Mendes Marta Adelina Female Germline differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana

Female gamete development, in flowering plants, initiates with the differentiation of the megaspore mother cell (MMC) from a single somatic cell locat ...

Trends Plant Sci. 2019 Mar 5. pii: S1360-1385(19)30030-5. doi: 10.1016/j.tplants.2019.02.003. 

Revisi ...

to be agreed 1 11/04/2019