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MASTER IN Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBC)

  Responsible professor Other professor Topic Description References Period Available positions Last modified
Marini Federica Achille Pellicioli Molecular basis of genome instability

FANCP, factor involved in the blood disorder and tumor predisposition syndrome Fanconi anemia and in cancer development: study of its role in the main ...

Dibitetto D., La Monica M., Ferrari M., Marini F., Pellicioli A. “Formation and nucleolytic processing of Cas9-induced DNA breaks in human cells quant ...

Anytime in 2019 0 24/10/2019
Colombo Lucia Cell and Molecular Biology

Postrascriptional and traslational regulation of development in plants

luglio- ottobre 2020 1 12/11/2019
Saponaro Andrea Cosimo Moroni Anna Expression and purification of eukaryotic membrane proteins for structure determination with single particle cryo Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM)

Membrane proteins account for about the 25% of the total amount of eukaryotic proteins, and are often targets for drug design. Indeed, membrane protei ...

to be set (from September/October 2019) 1 26/02/2019
Norata Giuseppe Danilo Farmacologia Cardiovascolare ed Immunometabolismo

Il tirocinio di tesi prevederà lo studio dei principali dei meccanismi molecolari alla base delle malattie cardiovascolari con attenzione al ruolo del ...

Lysosomal Acid Lipase: from cellular lipid handler to immunometabolic target 

Gomaraschi M, Bonacina F, Norata GD.

Trends in Pharmacological Science ...

Da Ottobre 2019 0 07/05/2019
Ghezzi Daniele Le basi genetiche delle rabdomiolisi

Lo scopo del presente progetto è quello di indagare le possibile cause genetiche responsabili di rabdomiolisi in una coorte di pazienti e di identific ...

-New genes and pathomechanisms in mitochondrial disorders unraveled by NGS technologies. Legati A, et al. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2016;1857(8):1326-1335 ...

da concordare col docente 1 08/05/2019
Martino Bolognesi Eloise Mastrangelo Structure-based design of inhibitors in cancer therapy

The genes for some IAPs (proteins of the inhibitor-of-apoptosis family) are known to be overexpressed in certain tumours. Indeed, IAPblocking  ...

NF023 binding to XIAP-BIR1: searching drugs for regulation of the NF-κB pathway.

Cossu F, Milani M, Grassi S, Malvezzi F, Corti A, Bolognesi M, Mas ...

From October 2019 1 27/02/2019
Conti Lucio Tonelli Chiara Signalling mechanisms that enable plants to endure drought : connecting light signalling with hormonal responses.

A focus of our research is to understand how variations of flowering time enable survival of the model plant Arabidopsis under drought conditions. Her ...

  • In vitro reconstitution of an abscisic acid signalling pathway(2009) Nature volume 462, page 660
  • Time-resolved interaction proteomics of the GIGANT ...
Sept 2019 0 11/06/2019
Ezquer Garin Juan Ignacio Lucia Colombo Deciphering networks controlling seed development

Seeds are one of the most important food sources, providing humans and animals with essential nutrients. Seed formation is a critical stage in the lif ...


  • Herrera-Ubaldo, H., Lozano-Sotomayor, P., Ezquer, I., Di Marzo, M., Montes, R.A.C., Goḿez-Felipe, A., Pablo-Villa, J., Diaz-Ramirez, D. ...
01/09/2019-31/06/2020 0 25/06/2019
Ricagno Stefano Biochimica - Biologia Strutturale

Biophysical and structural characterization of proteins with a tendency to amyloid aggregation linked to human pathologies.


The research focuses o ...

personal website:


website of the Structural Biology Unit: 


October 2019 0 07/05/2019
Pesaresi Paolo Dettagli molecolari alla base della biogenesi del cloroplasto e della risposta agli stress

Lo studente indagherà i dettagli molecolari alla base della “unfolded protein response (UPR)” nei cloroplasti e mitocondri di Arabidopsis thaliana, co ...


Da concordare 1 28/02/2019
Pellicioli Achille federica.marini@unimi.it Exploiting the CRISPR-Cas9 technology to study the double strand DNA break repair and genome stability

The ability of cells to detect and properly repair double stranded DNA breaks (DSBs) is essential for maintaining genome stability and preventing canc ...

anytime in 2019 1 01/03/2019
Cassano Marco Graziella Messina Microbiota, epigenetics and cancer

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) will emerge as the most prevalent liver condition and the leading cause of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in ...

Ottobre 2019/Marzo 2020 da concordare 0 11/06/2019
Milani Mario Matteo de Rosa, Toni Giorgino dalla struttura delle proteine a nuovi farmaci contro malattie genetiche rare

Molte malattie genetiche sono dovute a sostituzioni amminoacidiche nella proteina precursore. Queste mutazioni possono alterare attivit, struttura e/ ...


contattare docente 1 01/03/2019
Gnesutta Nerina Bruna Mantovani Roberto Molecular and structural studies on multimeric assembly of TF complexes on DNA

In this stage proposal the student will use molecular genetics, biochemical and molecular biology techniques to study the properties of evolutionarily ...

-Gnesutta N, et al. 2017. CONSTANS Imparts DNA Sequence Specificity to the Histone Fold NF-YB/NF-YC Dimer. Plant Cell. 29:1516-32.

-Gnesutta N, Manto ...

from october 2019 1 08/03/2019
Masiero Simona fruit maturation in model plants

We are interested to shed light into fruit maturation in Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato. We are characterising NAC transcription factors expressed in ...

december 2019 1 12/06/2019
Petroni Katia Role of anthocyanins in protection against cardiotoxic drugs

The project aims to determine the protective role of anthocyanins against the main mechanisms of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity leading to mitoc ...

Toufektsian M.-C., de Lorgeril M., Petroni K., Pilu R., Tonelli C., et al (2008) J Nutr 138(4): 747-752.

Petroni K, Trinei M, Fornari M, Calvenzani V ...

Inizio febbraio 2020 1 04/03/2019
Petroni Katia Mechanism of the anti-inflammatory effect of anthocyanins

The project aims to evaluate the role of anthocyanins in preventing the activation of inflammatory signalling pathways in microglia cells. Students wi ...

Magni G, Marinelli A, Riccio D, Lecca D, Tonelli C, Abbracchio MP, Petroni K, Ceruti S Purple Corn Extract as Anti-allodynic Treatment for Trigeminal  ...

Inizio febbraio-marzo 2020 1 04/03/2019
Mantovani Roberto Biological consequences of genome editing of the NF-YA transcription factor in cancer cells..

NF-Y is a pioneer transcription Factor composed of three subunits. It activates genes involeved in growth, cell-cycle regulation and metabolism. The N ...

- Nardini M.,  Gnesutta N., Donati G., Gatta R, Forni C., Fossati A., Vonrhein C., Moras D., Romier C., Bolognesi M., Mantovani R. Cell, 152, 132-143  ...

Settembre 2019 1 07/03/2019
Conti Lucio Fabio Fornara Deciphering the flowering mechanism of parasite plants and its relation to their host

Field dodder (Cuscuta campestris) and Stirga are two well-known parasitic plants which rely on their host to procure some or all of their nutrients. T ...

Footprints of parasitism in the genome of the parasitic flowering plant Cuscuta campestris 

Nature Com. 9, Article number: 2515 (2018)

Large-scale ...

Ottobre 2019 0 07/06/2019
Aliverti Alessandro Molecular bases of neurodegenerative mitochondriopathies

State of the art

Missense mutations of the Apoptosis-Inducing Factor (AIFM1) gene, encoding the mitochondrial intermembrane FAD-containing protein Ap ...

To be updated

da definire 0 13/05/2019
Bonza Maria Cristina Stefano Ricagno Investigation of the mechanisms underlying long-distance Ca2+ signalling in plants

Determination by crystallography of the structure of MIZ1, a brand new regulator of the Ca2+-ATPase ECA1 involved in hydrotropic response

giu 2019 1 13/03/2019
Kater Martin Veronica Gregis Plant Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology

Regulatory mechanisms controlling inflorescence development in Arabidopsis and rice. The project is focused on the analysis of transcription factors c ...

Harrop, T.W.R. , Ud Din, I., Gregis, V., Osnato, M., Jouannic, S., Adam, H. and Kater, M.M.(2016). Gene expression profiling of reproductive meristem  ...

on agreement with tutor 2 15/03/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Federico Lazzaro Identification and characterization of new factors responsible for the maintenance of genome integrity

Genetic screens identified new mutants that exhibit increased genomic instability.

Through genetic, molecular biology and biochemical approaches, we  ...

to be defined 1 18/03/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Federico Lazzaro DNA damage response in eukaryotic cells

We will characterize the in vivo activity of a variety of factors implicated in the correct response of eukaryotic cells to genomic insults and their  ...

to be defined 1 18/03/2019
Vanoni Maria Antonietta Structure-function relations of human MICAL1, the highly regulated flavoenzyme participating in actin cytoskeleton dynamics in health and disease.

The student will take part to studies on the elucidation of the structure-function relations of human MICAL1, a highly regulated multidomain enzyme th ...

Dazzo E, Rehberg K, Michelucci R, Passarelli D, Boniver C, Vianello Dri V, Striano P, Striano S, Pasterkamp RJ, Nobile C. 2018. Mutations in MICAL-1ca ...

to be determined/da concordare 2 18/03/2019
Brilli Matteo Claudio Bandi Genomica comparativa di patogeni nosocomiali

I nostri progetti attuali riguardano lo studio di diverse specie di patogeni nosocomiali e la loro evoluzione in ambito clinico e/o ambientale. Ci foc ...

a partire da Febbraio/Marzo 2020 2-3 19/03/2019
Vaccari Thomas Drosophila avatars of congenital and acquired diseases

tesi 1:  Developmental and cross-species analyses of human OST (OligoSaccharyl Transferase) subunits in Drosophila melanogaster.

tesi 2: Toolkit gene ...


ottobre 2019-dicembre 2020 fino a 3 20/03/2019
Caretti Giuseppina Epigenetics of skeletal muscle, during aging

We are studying epigenetic changes occurring in skeletal muscle during aging. Our interest focuses on the epigenetic reader BRD4, which binds acetylat ...

Proserpio et al., Genes and Development 2008

Segatto et al., Nature Communications 2017

To be defined 1 20/03/2019
Guerrini Luisa Francesca p63 regulation by Thalidomide

Around 60 years ago, thalidomide was widely prescribed for the treatment of morning sickness in pregnancy and caused multiple birth defects such as li ...

Identification of p63 as Critical Neosubstrate of CRL4CRBN Associated with Thalidomide Teratogenicity

Tomoko Asatsuma-Okumura1*, Hideki Ando1*, Mar ...

from june 2019 0 14/05/2019
Cattaneo Elena Chiara Zuccato, Marta Valenza Cellule staminali e malattie neurodegenerative

Identificazione di meccanismi molecolari alla base della malattia di Huntington e validazione in modelli animali di malattia 

A partire da Dicembre 2019 2 22/03/2019
Cattaneo Elena Cellule staminali e malattie neurodegenerative

Studio delle cellule staminali embrionali umane e delle cellule staminali pluripotenti indotte da pazienti Huntington

A partire da Dicembre 2019 2 22/03/2019
Cattaneo Elena Chiara Zuccato Cellule staminali e malattie neurodegenerative

Studio della funzione/struttura dell’HTT sana

A partire da Dicembre 2019 1 22/03/2019
Miranda Mendes Marta Adelina Sexual Plant reproduction - Seed formation

By 2050, it is estimated that the human population will reach 9 billion. To feed this growing population, it

will be necessary to at least double agr ...

to be agreed 1 11/04/2019
Miranda Mendes Marta Adelina Female Germline differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana

Female gamete development, in flowering plants, initiates with the differentiation of the megaspore mother cell (MMC) from a single somatic cell locat ...

Trends Plant Sci. 2019 Mar 5. pii: S1360-1385(19)30030-5. doi: 10.1016/j.tplants.2019.02.003. 

Revisi ...

to be agreed 1 11/04/2019
Angela Bachi angela.bachi@ifom.eu Deciphering the tumour microenvironment contribution to tutor growth and drug resistance


to be determined 0 19/06/2019
Francesco Blasi francesco.blasi@ifom.eu Prep-1 regulation in cancer from june 2019 0 19/06/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Rosella Visintin @ IEO Chromosome segregation


A precise coordination of cell cycle events in space and time is required for faithful genome duplication and segregation. In the lab we are intere ...

  • Roccuzzo M., Visintin C., Tili F. and Visintin R.(2015). Nat Cell Biol, 17:251-61
  • Iacovella M.G., et al.(2015). Nat Commun, 6:6643 
  • Manzoni R., et ...
anytime in 2019 2 14/05/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Tommaso Leonardi @ IEO Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics

The research focuses on the development of computational methods based on Nanopore direct RNA Sequencing and their application for studying non-coding ...

  • Leger, A. and Leonardi T. pycoQC, interactive quality control for Oxford Nanopore Sequencing. Journal of Open Source Software. 34, 1236 (2019)
  • Amar ...
open 1 14/05/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Susanna Chiocca @IEO Viruses and Cancer

Epigenetics of virus-related Head and Neck Cancers


anytime in 2019 1 14/05/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Pier Giuseppe Pelicci @ IEO CANCER GENETICS


open 2 14/05/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Marija Mihailovich and Giuseppe Testa @ IEO The role of dysregulated protein synthesis in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

The Laboratory of Stem Cell Epigenetics, headed by ERC Investigator Giuseppe Testa, invites student applications for a highly innovative project that  ...

Adamo A., et al. 7q11.23 dosage-dependent dysregulation in human pluripotent stem cells affects transcriptional programs in disease-relevant lineages. ...

starting January- February 2020 1 14/05/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Giuseppe Testa @ IEO Human brain development, neurodevelopmental disorders

In our lab we are harnessing the synergy between single cell transcriptomics and the derivation of human mini brains, to study syndromes resulting fro ...

May 2019 - April 2020 1 14/05/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Federica Facciotti @ IEO Influence of the tumor microenvironment on immune cells functions during colorectal cancer progression

The project will take advantage of a translational approach involving patient’s specimens, in vitro systems and murine models of colorectal cancer, 

  • Burrello C, Pellegrino G, Giuffrè MR, Lovati G, Magagna I., Bertocchi A., Cribiù FM, Boggio F, Botti F, Trombetta E, Porretti L, Di Sabatino A, Vecc ...
starting November 2019 1 14/05/2019
Muzi Falconi Marco Stefano Santaguida @ IEO Genome Integrity

The Laboratory of Genome Integrity
at IEO led by Dr. Stefano Santaguida is
offering a master thesis position.
Highly motivated students fascinated
b ...

Santaguida S. et al., Chromosome mis-segregation generates cell cycle-arrested cells with complex

karyotypes that are eliminated by the immune  ...

to be discussed 1 14/05/2019
Cappelletti Graziella Fabio Moda Neurobiologia e biochimica clinica

Targeting microtubules to modulate alpha-synuclein aggregation.  The goal is to examine whether and how tubulin/microtubules impact on alpha-synuclein ...

Cartelli et al. (2016) a-Synuclein is a novel microtubule dynamase. Sci Rep 6: 33289

Aulić S, et al. (2017). a-Synuclein amyloids hijack prion protei ...

inizio ottobre 2019-gennaio 2020 0 17/06/2019

Il LABION si occupa dello sviluppo di metodiche per la misura dello stato di malattia e della risposta a trattamenti in pazienti affetti da malattie n ...

Visitate il nostro sito per maggiori informazioni sui progetti di ricerca e pubblicazioni:


12 mesi, data inizio da concordare con la responsabile del laboratorio e compatibilmente con le sessioni esame 2 21/05/2019
Messina Graziella Yvan Torrente (tesi esterna) Muscular Dystrophy
  • Gene therapy of muscular dystrophies
  • Immune system involvement in DMD pathology

Yvan Torrente
Laboratorio Cellule Staminali
Dipartimento di Fisiopatologia medico-chirurgica e dei Trapianti
Università deg ...
da concordare con il docente 3 31/05/2019
Horner David Stephen Matteo Chiara Identification of Genes and Alleles Underlying Adaptive Processes in Human Populations

We have recently shown that

An ongoing research line in our lab focuses on non-synonymous alleles that show significant frequency differences betwe ...

starting from October 2019 1 11/06/2019
Nardini Marco Marina Mapelli @IEO (marina.mapelli@ieo.it) Mechanisms of division of intestinal stem cells and implications for cancer biology

A position for an annual master's degree thesis is available in the Marina Mapelli group at the IEO European Institute of Oncology in Milan (for infor ...

to be decided 1 12/06/2019
Cappelletti Graziella Dr.ssa L. Gatti (Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta) Neurobiologia

La disfunzione dell’unità neurovascolare nelle patologie cerebrovascolari rare: studio del ruolo del misfolding proteico.

 Gli obiettivi del presente ...

da concordare 1 17/06/2019
Ezquer Garin Juan Ignacio Roberto Mantovani Discovering the role of LEC1 in embryo development during seed formation.

Seed development is biphasic, consisting of the morphogenesis phase when the basic plant body plan is established and the maturation phase when the em ...

upon agreement with the student 1 25/06/2019
Briani Federica see Project description

1) Impact of CFTR modulators on P. aeruginosa and S. aureus infection
2) Characterization of pulmonary pathology in new animal models for Cystic Fibros ...


as soon as possible 2 27/06/2019
Ghezzi Daniele Dr. Valeria Tiranti Studio dei meccanismi patogenetici coinvolti nelle atrofie ottiche mitocondriali attraverso l’utilizzo di modelli cellulari.

Le Neuropatie Ottiche mitocondriali sono malattie ereditarie rare del nervo ottico, caratterizzate dalla specifica degenerazione dei neuroni retinici  ...

da concordare col docente 1 27/08/2019
Colombo Lucia Climate changes: impacts on plant reproduction

Interdisciplinary approchaes to study the effects of climate changes on plants reproduction

settembre- ottobre 2019 2 20/11/2019
Colombo Lucia Developmental genetics

Epigenetic control of seed development

da concordare 1 20/11/2019