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  LAUREA IN Biologia Applicata alla Ricerca Biomedica (BARB)

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Amadeo Alida Cappelletti Graziella Studio delle alterazioni di alfa-sinucleina nell'epilessia: approccio sperimentale e istopatologico

Questa linea di ricerca si inserisce nell’ambito di un ampio progetto che coinvolge diversi ricercatori afferenti al Gruppo di Neurobiologia e Neuroan ...

Unico incontro su TEAMS (contattare via mail per altri orari) Venerdì 8 ottobre 2021 h16:30

Codice Team 684bsyb

Da discutere con la docente durante il colloquio 1assegnato
Beltrame Monica Regulatory networks in vascular and lymphatic development

We are studying the functional roles of members of the SOX (Sry-related HMG-box) transcription factors in zebrafish, a model organism for vertebrate d ...

In case you are interested, please send an e-mail to get in contact.

Students, who would like to apply for a thesis internship, are request ...

to be discussed 1
Moroni Anna Monica Beltrame Zebrafish as an in vivo model to test synthetic ion channels, controlled by external stimuli

We are interested in the biophysical properties of potassium ion channels and we are exploiting synthetic biology approaches to engineer novel ion cha ...

Interested Candidates  are kindly requested to send me a email at anna.moroni@unimi.it . Please attach to the mail  a pdf file w ...

from November 2021 1
Vanoni Maria Antonietta Mechanism of action and (self) regulation of biomedically and biotechnologically relevant enzymes

The laboratory  focus on the study of the mechanism of action and (self) regulation of enzymes of  biomedical or biotechnological relevance. We aim to ...

I shall be available to illustrate the laboratory activities on April 9  at 11 am and on April 12 at 3 pm on MS Teams (Code MS Teams:  2f ...

from June 2022 1-2
Saponaro Andrea Cosimo Anna Moroni Expression and purification of eukaryotic membrane proteins for structure determination with single particle cryogenic Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM)

Membrane proteins account for about the 25% of the total amount of eukaryotic proteins, and are often targets for drug design. Indeed, membrane protei ...

from September/October 2022 2
Saponaro Andrea Cosimo Anna Moroni Synthetic biology approaches to evolve a light activated microbial rhodopsin into a K+ selective channel for optogenetics

The present thesis aims at engineer, via directed evolution approaches, channel rhodopsin 2 (ChR2), a light-activated cation non-selective microbial c ...

from September/October 2022 1
Mazzanti Michele Meccanismi dinamici nei processi neurodegenerativi e neoplastici del SNC / Dynamic mechanisms of neurodegenerative and neoplastic process in the CNS

Meccanismi cellulo-molecolari di processi fisiologici di attivazione di patologie degenerative e neoplastiche nel sistema nervoso centrale

Cellular a ...

La presentazione degli argomenti di tesi e la visita ai laboratori del Prof. Mazzanti  sarà il lunedi 11 e il mercoledì 13 ottob ...

luglio 2022 2
Pellicioli Achille Studying the functions and regulation of factors involved in DNA double strand break repair from yeast to human cells

The DNA damage response (DDR) is very conserved from yeast to human cells. Mutations in most of the DDR genes lead to genome instability, cancer and s ...

General information regarding the research topic are showed in the registration of the previous Open Lab meeting (see the link below). Of course, t ...

1 year, starting from March/April 2022 (but it is flexible) 2
Muzi Falconi Marco Pasini Diego. diego.pasini@unimi.it, diego.pasini@ieo.it Epigenetic Mechanisms of Transcriptional Control

Dissection of the mechanisms that regulate transcriptional silencing of facultative heterochromatin using biochemical and genetic approaches. Generati ...

Contact via e-mail directly for details and informations

from October 2021 upwards, training duration 12 months 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Prof. Giuseppe Testa, Dr. Reinald Shyti General Area of interest- Molecular Biology/ Neurobiology/ Neurosciences

The advent of induced pluripotent stem cells and more recently of brain organoids have revolutionalized the study of the brain and its related disease ...

contact directly giuseppe.testa@ieo.it, giuseppe.testa@unimi.it, reinald.shyti@ieo.it

12 months. Start date will be discussed together 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Professor Giuseppe Testa Thymic epithelial cells, EMT, neoplasia RNA-Seq analysis, CUTANDTAG analysis

The group of Professor Testa is looking for a highly motivated and dedicated master student interested in human thymic stem cell biology and genetics. ...

contact giuseppe.testa@ieo.it

12 months. Start date will be discussed together 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Luca Mazzarella Chromosome segregation

Projects are available in the following areas:
1) mechanisms of autoimmune toxicity from immune checkpoint inhibitors. We study the molecular determina ...

contact luca.mazzarella@ieo.it

12 months. Start date will be discussed together 2
Muzi Falconi Marco PIER PAOLO DI FIORE IVAN COLALUCA Molecular mechanism of cancer

Numb is a tumor suppressor in different human tumors. In breast cancer (BC), Numb protein expression is lost in ~30% of cases and is associated with p ...

contact directly Ivan Colalauca

October 2021/September 2022 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Rosella Visintin rosella.visintin@ieo.it

DNA damage poses a constant threat to genomic integrity. The DNA damage checkpoint is a surveillance mechanism evolved to preserve genome integrity; i ...

contact Rosella Visintin

One year starting January 2022 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Stefano Santaguida Genome integrity

Our lab is interested in understanding the process of chromosome segregation and in studying how errors in this process are affecting cell physiology. ...

contact Stefano Santaguida

From January 2022 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Marina Mapelli marina.mapelli@ieo.it Studi biochimici e strutturali dei segnali Wnt in condizioni fisiologiche e tumorali

Nel gruppo di Marina Mapelli presso l'Istituto Europeo di Oncologia IEO di Milano è disponibile una posizione per una tesi di laurea magistrale an ...

contact Marina Mapelli

from January 2022 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Sara Gandini Radiomics and radiogenomics applications to clinical studies

Radiomics focuses on extracting and mining high-dimensional sets of quantitative features from medical images, which are expected to provide a detaile ...

contact Sara Gandini

1 year, starting as soon as possible 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Susanna Chiocca Susanna.chiocca@ieo.it Viruses and Cancer

Epigenetics of virus-related Head and Nek Cancers (HNC): Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 16 has emerged as a major risk factor in a subset of HNC. Indeed, ...

Contact Susanna Chiocca

One year starting March 2022 1
Muzi Falconi Marco Marija Mihailovic and Giuseppe Testa The role of deregulated protein synthesis in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Stem Cell Epigenetics Laboratory headed by Prof. Giuseppe Testa is inviting student applications for an extremely innovative project that investigates ...

please contact Giuseppe Testa:


to be discussed with the applicant 1
Valenza Marta marta.roccio@usz.ch inner ear organoids (external thesis in Zurich)

DescriptionThe long-term goal our research is to establish novel therapeutic strategies for sensorineural hearing loss. Disabling hearing loss affects ...

For further information contact directly Marta Roccio marta.roccio@usz.ch

from January 2022 (or earlier) 1
Ricciardi Sara Generation of new stem cell models by prime editing

The project implies learning of new technologies for the generation of engineered stem cells or iPS, their differentiation and analysis by molecular t ...

Presentazione Tesi
Time: Oct 11, 2021 12:00 PM Rome

Requirements: the student will have to spend one year of work in the laboratory wi ...

Gennaio 2022-Marzo 2023 1
Lazzaro Federico Prof. Marco Muzi Falconi dott.ssa Sarah Sertic Identification and characterization of new factors involved in maintaining genome stability

The maintenance of genome integrity is essential for the survival of the cell and the faithful transmission of genetic material. Due to the numerous l ...

General information regarding the research topic is shown in the registration of the previous Open Lab meeting (see the link below). Of course, the ...

non disponibile 0
Testa Giuseppe The physiopathology of thymic epithelial cells and thymomas at single cell omic resolution

The group of Professor Testa is looking for a highly motivated and dedicated master student interested in human thymic stem cell biology and genetics. ...

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